Brighten Up Your Garden or Patio With Geraniums

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Nothing gives more ‘pop’ to your backyard or patio than plants!  This time of year, you have many to choose from with a variety of color, texture and aroma.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the geranium.  They’re hearty, easy to care for, and ideal for our fall and winter seasons. Plus, they have the added benefit of becoming an indoor plant when the Arizona sun heats up!

Geraniums add a splash of color to rock gardens, flower beds, container gardens and along pathways.

Utilize them in hanging baskets to conserve space on small patios. Let them draw your eye to a unique space, such as your front door. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity flow!

Geraniums are readily available at your local nursery and come in many varieties to create that distinct look and feel you want in your outdoor space.


Use quality potting soil that drains well. If planting in the ground, mix the potting soil with the existing dirt to ensure proper drainage

They like to be fertilized. If you’re using a liquid, water soluble fertilizer, every couple of weeks would keep them healthy and blooming. With time release fertilizers, every 3-4 months will do the job.
They like to be watered thoroughly and slightly dry out between waterings. If the leaves turn yellow, they’re getting to much water.

They love the sun and need about 5-6 hours of sunlight, doing well in morning and early afternoon sun. Best for them to have shade in mid and late afternoon.
Deadhead or pinch off the spent blooms all the way back to the stem. This will stimulate new blooms.

They need to be covered in the event of frost.

They are disease and insect resilient.

Have an old pair of work boots!

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